About Dave

I live in Madison, WI, with my incredibly talented spouse and two young children.

For my day job, I am the Acting Executive Director of 18F, and Assistant Commissioner for the Office of Acquisition for the General Services Administration’s Technology Tranformation Services. Previously, I was the General Counsel to the Council of the District of Columbia. This website is not, however, an official site and nothing in the site should be construed as either (1) legal advice or solicitation, or (2) an endorsement by the United States Government, or before that, the Council of any of the views, data, or information shared on this site.

If you’re into it, you can read about what’s going on at work and some of the things I worked on while at the Council.


You can see more information on LinkedIn, follow my public thoughts in 140 characters or fewer on Twitter, or track my coding on GitHub. Or you can email me at dave@esq.io.

My PGP Fingerprint is 29B2 457A EA32 F18C 6F35 3193 10CD A186 4AA7 5D7C and you can view my PGP Key here.